Hannah Ramirez Photography
Hannah Ramirez Photography



  1. A feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.

a note from the photographer:


This project was something incredibly different for me that presented many new challenges. I had the privilege of photographing a great group of unique individuals who opened up their hearts and emotions to me for these photographs. 

I was drawn to this project idea because I have found that the emotions we share through photographs often contrasts greatly with reality. The truth is that not every moment is full of smiles and laughter. Humans are pensive individuals and some of the strongest emotions we can feel are the hardest ones to understand. Through this idea, "Melancholy" bloomed.

This is the first series of themed portraits that I have taken, and I am grateful that I opened my mind up to this challenge. I felt myself contemplating the sincerity of my photographs a lot more, and I felt a lot of self growth throughout my work. I have most definitely been inspired to seek out similar ideas and look forward to what adventures are yet to come.

Many thanks to those who have participated in this project, to those who have supported me, and to those who follow me on this journey. I am beyond grateful.