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Hannah Ramirez Photography

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My name is Hannah and I am the happy creature working behind the lens of Hannah Ramirez Photography.
I am a mountain soul who was born and raised in Western North Carolina, living with my mother and father on our crazy farm full of animals. 
I am a transfer student at UNC Asheville pursuing a B.S. in Business Management, and anticipate graduation within 2020.
In its entirety, I am a lover of life, and I am so thrilled to partake in a hobby that lets me capture it for days to come.

Since I was young I have been in love with photographing people.
I used to sneak away with my mother’s camera and I was always photographing my friends. I learned quickly how much I value having a beautiful photo to revisit good memories as well as how much I enjoyed sharing those memories with others. 

I have been working professionally since 2014 and I learn so much more through each and every day I shoot. I am always seeking to improve my work and grow as a human being and photographer. I strive to never stop pursuing education, self-reflection, honesty, and kindness in my personal and professional life.

My ultimate goal is to deliver something natural to those I work with. I am a big fan of natural happiness, natural light, and natural moments. When it comes down to it, we are not all natural models from the get-go, but the authenticity of a happy moment is all it takes. I want to be with you in a positive atmosphere to let you blossom in front of my camera. I love learning about each and every person I photograph and I promise you that your time in front of my lens is meant to be a safe space for you to open up. There is only one YOU- I want to help show how special that is.
If I can provide something that captures your happiness and makes you feel beautiful, I have accomplished my goal.

If you are interested in working with me, have any questions, or would simply like to talk, please feel free to contact me!
I am always open to new ideas and challenges.

Thanks so much for the continuous support-

- Hannah 

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