Every once in awhile someone will cross my path through photography that reminds me exactly why I do this in the first place. Pairing personality with location creates something magical, and I take photos that transport me into the center of my creativity. My evening with Rylee was one of these soul-centering events; she's a young woman with grace and so, so much heart. 

Rylee and I traveled into Pisgah National Forest while talking about her education, goals, and all that makes her heart happy. I sincerely enjoyed every minute of this shoot, even when my camera was not in my hands. 

To say I am excited for Rylee would be an understatement. I cannot wait to see what she pursues and where she will end up.

Best wishes, Rylee! 

It’s that heart of gold
& stardust soul
that makes you beautiful.
— r. m. broderick