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New Year, Same Ideals

Hannah RamirezComment
New Year, Same Ideals

At the beginning of 2014, I composed a list of ideals that I wanted to live by for the upcoming year. I have realized that resolutions are a good thing to pursue, yes, but I would beat myself up if I faltered on a new "rule" that I had imposed on myself. Instead of pursing resolutions per say, I wanted to challenge myself to behave as the person I would be proud to be. Condemning myself for drinking a soda is one thing, but aspiring to be healthier in general is another. Therefore, with this mindset in action, I wrote out my list of ideals that I wanted to follow. Three years later, I am happy to say that I still chase after these exact same things every single day.

I am beyond excited for the new year and a new semester. I can't wait to see what adventures and experiences come in 2017!

  • Be Kind

To everyone, everything. Speak the compliment in your mind, say thank you, and be polite. Do the things nobody else wants to do. Forgive and do not allow anything to stand in the way of being kind.

  • Be Optimistic

Find the light in every situation and have a good attitude about it. A negative outlook will never improve a situation or make anyone around you happy. Remember that everything happens for a reason.

  • Show Gratitude

Say thank you for every kind gesture made by anyone. Count every blessing and never cease to show how thankful you are for them.

  • Be Honest

Show your emotion, speak your feelings. Be true about your thoughts, you are allowed to have a differing opinion from that of someone else. Don’t hold back the things that need to be said until it is too late.

  • Give More Than You Take

The smallest things can mean the most. Tell people when you are thinking of them, leave them a voicemail. Remember how nice it is to know someone was thinking of you, to show up with an unexpected gift or treat you to a day out.

  • Love Yourself

Do not treat yourself in any way that you would not like for someone else to treat you. Compliment yourself, be your own motivator, respect your mind and body, accept your flaws and embrace your good qualities.

  • Love Those Around You

No matter who it is, show them love and the respect that they deserve. Accept that everyone is different and entitled to their own opinions. Remember that not everyone will like you, but it is better that you don’t give them reasons to hate you.

  • Write More

To everyone, to yourself. Through the good and the bad. One line or ten pages. Be honest. Take the time to speak your mind. It is always nice to have frozen words to reflect upon.

  • Take Responsibility

For your actions, for your jobs. Do the things you are asked to without argument or question. Do them without having to be reminded.

  • Take Every Photo You Can

Of everything, of everyone. The moment will only happen once and you will appreciate the memory more as time goes on. Both you and your friends will greatly appreciate it. Take your camera everywhere.

  • Seize The Day

Make every moment count. You are only this young for a short amount of time. Appreciate the smallest things around you and the atmosphere you are within.

  • Take Chances

Do things you wouldn’t normally do. Don’t make silly excuses. Everyone has to start somewhere. New doors will open when you look for them.

  • Educate Yourself

Take time to read everything you can get your hands on. Watch the news, read the paper. Become educated on current events and form an opinion. Be able to support your beliefs and help others become educated, too.

  • Live Simply

Do not rely on objects to make you happy. View materialism as the enemy and remember that the things that you will carry with you are memories, not things. Don’t keep anything you don’t need, and don’t buy it in the first place if it is unnecessary.

  • Volunteer Your Time

For those who are less fortunate than you, the things you can give are valuable. It will always feel good to do something for someone else.

  • Avoid Negativity

Do not surround yourself by those who place negative thoughts into your mind. Do not allow someone else to make you any less than happy.

  • Do Not Feed Negativity

Drama is never necessary. Ever. Do not feed the fires of anger or jealousy. Handle any problems in a mature manner and do not allow others to influence how they are handled. Do not give reasons to be hated.

  • Keep Clean &  Organized

Take time out of every day to put things away. Do not leave a mess everywhere you go. It is a better feeling to be in a clean environment and your productivity will undoubtedly increase.

  • Create

Anything. Accept that it will not always turn out as you imagined. Use the power of your imagination and have fun with it!

  • Live For Yourself

Do not worry about the opinions of others upon your own life. It is YOUR LIFE. The people who matter will always be happy to see you happy and support everything you see as good.

  • Save, But Treat Yourself

Do not spend just because you have money. Learn to save and say no, and acknowledge that simplicity is nicer than clutter. I promise, you do not need any material item. Spend money on an entrance to a concert or state park. You’ll have more fun.

  • Encourage Confidence

Do not tear yourself down, be strong. Hold your head up and be prepared to conquer every day. Love your mind and body.

  • Dream, Plan, Prepare

Do not place any limits on yourself, do not say anything is impossible. Start saving maps and pennies. You will appreciate it when the time comes to move into action.

  • Limit Technology

Put your phone down and enjoy your surroundings. Get out of bed and stop watching television. Be productive. Don’t just sit around looking at pictures of things you want to do. DO THEM NOW.

  • Appreciate Nature

Things change quickly. Enjoy life. Acknowledge the beauty of the world. Grow things and be kind to the earth. Do not waste.

  • Love Animals Completely

Remember that you do for them more than they can do for themselves. You are their magic food person who keeps them clean. Do not let them down. Hug them lots.

  • Eat Well

Screw “diets.” Eat whatever you want and enjoy it. Do not eat the sugary things that make you feel bad but do not forget that it is perfectly fine to treat yourself whenever you would like. Do not EVER guilt yourself over something as simple as food. Just be healthy.

  • Schedule

Keep a planner, and keep it organized. Write down anything that you don’t want to forget. It’s nice to have plans to look forward to and things to reflect upon. Don’t procrastinate on the things you need to do!

  • Always Seek Improvement

Appreciate how far things have come but remember that they can always be better. Do not chase perfection, but do your best at everything.