When an artist has a vision, they typically will do anything to make it come to life. 

When a Hannah has a vision, she totally wings it to surprise herself….

And wow, I am so happy that it works out!


I have been on a kick to really outline my goals as a photographer lately. I know that I want to provide quality photos of happy people to happy people, but I also seek personal growth. No, I do not seek to make photography a career (speaking of, I am not studying photography in school- that would be at the top of an FAQ page if I had one!), but I do seek personal growth like crazy. 

To be terribly honest, I just about wing it all when it comes to photography. I am mostly self-taught and it wasn’t until a year ago that I actually started to grasp what the settings on my camera actually mean… but it worked for me. By some blessing (or maybe just plain luck), I made it this far by stumbling quite often along the way.

However, I do not want to stumble anymore.

This summer has been the perfect opportunity for me to push myself to be the photographer I want to be. Of course, I have had my shoots that make me a little disappointed in myself when I take a step back, but it’s all a part of the learning process. I just want to make sure that I get right back up again and push for better.

In any project that I seek to accomplish, it keeps me busy and is a lot of work. However, the work isn’t all on me. I owe so many thanks to the awesome people who hang out in front of my lens. I have made incredible friends through photography and I have really reached a new level of appreciation for those around me through this craft. 

Sincerely, I notice so much more. Every person I look at now, I see with different eyes. I appreciate freckles like a poet, I swear! It has been awesome to see how beautiful every person I come across is. To think of exactly how I would photograph a stranger is a silly little thing, yes.. but it is good for me. I love people watching, and having a job where I am a people-catcher is everything I need it to be.




Yesterday this fun lil job brought be a big ol’ opportunity! I asked Mollie a few weeks back if she would mind modeling for me and I had no doubt that we would catch some beautiful photos. A crazy thunderstorm passed right over where we were shooting just half an hour beforehand- something that was threatening at first but ended up being ideal. We still had the perfect window for our shoot in an evening that had lots of potential.


In my mind, I had envisioned a girl with pink flowers in her dark hair while surrounded by white. I did not know where to take this at first, but I found the place I needed with Mollie’s help. She is absolutely stunning and was a joy to photograph.  

Trevor joined us as we shot around and I was happy to catch some photos of how happy they make one another as well. I have known Mollie since I was just five years old and Trevor for almost as long. It was so cool to see how much we have all grown and to snap some happy moments along the way!


Thanks again to these two for helping me be creative on a whim. 



(c) Hannah Ramirez Photography