Hannah RamirezComment

January of 2017

Hannah RamirezComment
January of 2017

I am positively stunned that this is the last day of January. We are half of the way through 2017 and I am still struggling to write the correct year down at the top of my papers. They say time moves quicker the older you get and I am starting to believe that this happens to be true... how crazy is that?

January has been a month full of changes in my routine. With a new semester and tougher classes, I am reminded daily that college is what you make of it. I have found myself in an in-between bit of my education where I am a little farther ahead of schedule but I still need to complete accounting II and microeconomics to officially be a junior. Is it really possible that I am already nearing the halfway point of my college career?!

I have spent this month with a different crowd of people in my life. At an age where I find myself transitioning nonstop, I often forget that my peers are doing just the same. My path has turned away from some of the dearest people in my life and grown closer to others this month. I have had a month to contemplate the importance of my relationships and see where I need to invest more of myself. January showed me that I want to be a better friend. 

Though I came back to Charlotte to icy evidence of winter, the weather has been exceptionally nice! There were days where I walked to class in a tank top and wished I had chosen shorts over pants and there were days where I wanted to bury myself as deep under the warm covers of my bed as I could. Fortunately the nicer, wacky Charlotte weather got a bug inside of me to explore! I spent more time in uptown Charlotte this month than I believe I have cumulatively since moving here. It is nice to finally feel like this is a community I am a part of, and knowing my whereabouts within a city is a pretty awesome feeling. MaKenzie and I checked out some fun spots together and ate lots of yummy treats along the way. She's a good partner in crime when it comes to treating myself. One of our next goals is to learn how to make macaroons... so wish us luck since I can barely cook a boxed cake without messing something up!

Ultimately, January has been full of differences. Some of them have been much harder than others, but I am grateful that I have the opportunity to shift in my perspectives and routines. My heart is demanding more self-love, and I am learning how to give it. My muscles ache because I have been working out for a change, but it is incredibly satisfying to know that I am challenging this healthy body I have been provided with. I deleted Twitter and Snapchat and my mind is learning to listen to my heart, knowing that jealousy takes away too much joy in my days. I even applied for my first big-kid job and my spirit is jumping up and down with nervous excitement to see how that develops. 

This month has been good to me because it has not all been picture perfect. 

I have documented some pieces of it that have shown me where I look for happiness. I am happy in coffee shops looking at people working away on their own projects. I am happy at the pond down the road feeding stale bread to little ducks and other critters. I am happy showing off the hand-made items that my friends create. I am happy living with my best friend. I am happy to be looking at the things that make me happy.

Thanks, January, for teaching me so many new things,

February, I am ready for ya.