Hannah RamirezComment


Hannah RamirezComment

I find myself coming back to the mountains quite often and yet it still never feels like enough. My parents have made such an incredible home and it is full of all things happy and peaceful. A mixture of plants and animals and art projects always welcomes me back. 

This weekend my mom talked me into coming here instead of staying in Charlotte to study for my upcoming final exams. I have been spending my days getting into fun adventures with my folks and the evenings with my nose in my accounting textbook. Seeing how beautiful everything is in this area right now has motivated me to really knock out these exams so I can spend a lot of my summer in the Asheville area. I love this place to pieces. 

All in all, I cannot complain about how awesome this weekend was. I did a variety of things, including:

  • visiting the Max Patch area with my dad, windows down with a cold brew coffee and Alabama Shakes playing
  • checking out all of the spider webs in the morning light
  • a bit of fun summer dress shopping with my mother
  • feeding strawberries to a possum that was chilling under our porch
  • catching my escaped emu (after my dumb self left the gate open and then had to run allllll over our lawn to get him back in)
  • buying a stack of books that I am so so excited to start
  • getting our fill of Chinese food as I require for every visit home
  • snagging a book of minerals with my favorite style of illustrations along with a working lil Kodak brownie camera
  • eating taquitos while drinking Jarritos

and my all-time favorite,

  • visiting a GUINEA PIG SHOW! I laughed the entire time and you can take a peek at those photos here. I also won a hand-knit guinea pig in a raffle drawing. It was something I never knew I needed till I had it!

It's truly been such a happy weekend and I am so excited to wrap up these next two weeks in Charlotte so I can get back here quickly.