My cousin Clare flew into Asheville from New England last week for a short visit with my family. We had some time to kick around in my usual spots and got ice cream a few times ( a must for me) while of course snapping a lot of photos. Clare joined me on my shoot with Hannah at Black Balsam on Thursday and it got me more and more excited to spend some time on a proper shoot of her own…. so to downtown Canton we went!

There’s this pile of fallen bricks that I’ve been wanting to shoot at for over a month and a crazy colored teal wall that I had on my list. Clare has my aunt & uncle’s super bright blue eyes and it seemed like everywhere we went they stood out more and more. 

It was fun to appreciate Canton for one last shoot before I head back to Charlotte tomorrow and to spend some time photographing family for a change. 

So happy to have shared a visit with Clare in the midst of a crazy summer and be reminded of the awesome young woman she’s growing up to be.


Lots of love to you, Clare Bear!



Also, I've had a lot of dead birds in my life lately (?!?!?!) and one joined in on our photo shoot. 

With love, Clare- here's your favorite critter that flew home with you in ghosty spirit:


(c) 2016 Hannah Ramirez Photography