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Apartment Tour!

Hannah RamirezComment
Apartment Tour!

I started my second year of school at UNC Charlotte yesterday and I am beyond happy to be back. Charlotte is a completely different world compared to little old Canton that I hold so dearly to my heart but I have a deep appreciation for both places! This year I feel like I am really up on my feet and prepared to dive straight into everything unlike I felt as a freshman. I no longer have to worry about directions or stress about the little things, and I now have a sweet little place to call home!

MaKenzie and I moved into our new place earlier in August. We are no more than a mile away from campus and we are within an awesome neighborhood. I’ve settled in well and must admit it took a good cry about being old enough to live in my own apartment first! Thankfully, I’ve got awesome parents and more than everything I need to keep me content here.

If you told me two years ago that MaKenzie and I would have the opportunity to live together, I wouldn’t have believed it. I never anticipated that we would both find that the college for us as individuals matched up with the other person’s. We lived in different places on campus last year but have been looking forward to this move since we found out it could happen. 

As you’ll quickly see through the differences in our bedrooms, MaKenzie and I are almost polar opposites in taste. We always have been on opposite ends of the spectrum but it’s made our friendship a lot stronger and a lot more interesting. I love this girl to pieces and I learn so much more from her everyday. We’ve grown up living on opposite sides of the same mountain and now we live on opposite sides of a living room. It rocks!

Our apartment is super cozy so far and we are figuring out a lot together. There are about seven containers of ice cream in our freezer and we probably eat way too much pasta. MaKenzie drinks a lot of chocolate milk and I’ve been living off of earl grey tea. We both have very similar schedules this semester and it’s been working in our favor for talking about crazy stuff over food. We started Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown this week and are totally absorbed in that together as well! I am definitely wondering when she’s going to get tired of me and our eternal sleepover but I’m having way too much fun right now!

I have so many things to focus on including wrapping up some photo projects from earlier this month and I am so motivated to tackle it all. I am taking fifteen credit hours this semester including macroeconomics, accounting, calculus, visual arts studies, and my very favorite course on Latinos in American society. I know that as school picks up I’ll likely be spending a lot more time living in the library versus napping in my cozy bed, but I’m alright with what it all amounts to! 

So thrilled about my second year at UNCC and so thrilled about living with MaKenzie. 

Here’s a look inside of our new space-

Here's our first day of class selfie as well because we cannot forget the most important photo of all!


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