Rivers & Roads

Rivers & Roads

....literally. Not only is it a killer song by The Head & The Heart, but it's where Shannon, Andrew, and I found ourselves yesterday evening. Being in the woods with these two is an entirely different experience than with anyone else I have come across. I am convinced that the earth breathes with them and helps them find the coolest lil river stones. 

Not included below:

  1. The truth of slippery rocks
  2. The moment when they won and I fell into the river
  3. Skinny dipping
  4. Evidence of a perfect little snake skin
  5. Lord Huron playing in the background 

Nonetheless, there are some very pretty bits and pieces! Living in the mountains and having places like these to explore is so incredible. Thanks again to Shannon and Andrew for sharing beyond wonderful moments with me.

If you have no idea who these beautiful people are, check out their work here. I have a huge crush on them. You probably will before you know it, too.